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Thank you for all your hard work, you went above and beyond!!!  We so appreciate what you did for us.

Pat and Mike


Thanks for the follow up--your professional efforts, patience, skill and loyalty to Laura throughout a tortuous 7-month process was outstanding. Please show this e-mail to your Reinhart manager (Joe) and to your fellow Realtors at Reinhart and to new clients.

Very best regards,


Peter J. Dodge, Attorney


How do I begin to explain my gratitude for Kantha's help with selling my mother's house? It is a long story and complicated story that I will try to keep as short as possible without detracting from how impressively Kantha handled the situation.

Kantha literally had this listing dropped in her lap after my first agent decided to leave the business. This listing was extremely complicated, as it was as an estate listing that had a reverse mortgage and could possibly either be a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. There was very little money to work with and a large amount of debt. I probably should mention that I live 150 miles away and was only able to be in town two weekends a month.

As soon as Kantha took over the listing she set up a meeting so we could discuss the sale and get to know each other. We talked for quite a while and I left feeling very confident in her abilities. She worked both with me and the attorney representing my mom's estate and kept us both informed of any and all issues, plans, problems and questions. She researched all sorts of different avenues that she could pursue with selling the house including mentioning that the deed in lieu of foreclosure could be an option for us despite the fact that she would probably receive nothing if that happened.

Having a reverse mortgage creates a whole new set of issues with a sale especially since it was going to have to be a short sale due to the market problems of the times. She work tirelessly on this listing. The sale was like an endurance race. Sometimes it was like a marathon and other times it was like a sprint. After seven months of hard work we finally closed on the house but even that was not without some issues at the very end, but we made it though it.

She put in more work with this sale than I could have ever hoped for and for that I will be eternally grateful. I was always informed and consulted either via e-mail or phone calls during this journey and I always felt that I was a part of every move despite not being there in person.

I would highly recommend Kantha to any one who is in need of a a real estate agent. She amazed me with both her knowledge and abilities and I trusted her completely. After working with her for all those months I can truthfully say, that she works very hard for her clients and always has their best interests in mind. She is a very big asset not only to her clients but to her profession.



Thanks for all your help with this and everything. Use me as a reference with any prospective customers you want and I will fully support you.


Thanks again,





Kantha was an amazing help in me finding and purchasing my first home. I was skeptical about real estate agents in general because I was new to the real estate business and wasn't sure what to expect. I can honestly say that any of my initial concerns were quickly laid to rest. Kantha is a great example of a real estate agent who enjoys her job and what she does, and I felt as if my happiness was a greater priority over a sale. She was pleasant to work with, and continues to be a great asset as when I still have questions on things, even months after I've moved in, she is quick to respond. Her diligence is commendable and her work ethic made her seem less of a real estate agent and more of a trusted friend throughout the entire process. I couldn't imagine having gone through this without her.






Writing this to tell you of my wonderful experience with Kantha Gardner during my home buying search. Kantha came highly recommended by my mortgage person as someone I should meet with to discuss my desire purchase a new home. From the outset she was very professional, courtesy and I always felt she had my best interest in mind.

I came in without a clear picture of the house that I wanted, I just wanted a 'good deal'. Kantha put together a search criteria based on some general questions and it was e-mailed to me then updated daily. She took the time to review the searches and point out ones she thought I would be most interested in. After just a few showings she was able to pick up on what I liked and did not like then apply that to her recommendations. I could tell that was she trying to find me a home to buy rather than just a house to buy as quickly as possible.

Although the first house we had an accepted offer on fell through on the seller's side, Kantha did not stray from her commitment to finding me a new home. She quickly followed up on another house I had liked and was able to negotiate a great price in short order. Kantha's attention to detail really showed in the next step of the process. She put together a comprehensive list of items that needed to completed and their respective due dates. She then followed up diligently to ensure both myself and the sellers where aware of when something was coming due and that its completion and completion date where properly documented.

I was so impressed with how well Kantha had handled everything up to this point that on the day of my close I was at complete ease and not nervous what so ever knowing that my best interests had been looked after thoroughly. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Kantha and would recommend her to all my family and friends. I am positive she handles the selling side as well as she handled my purchase so if you are looking to buy or sell a home, you should take the time to meet with Kantha, I am sure you will be impressed.




I am taking the time to email you about our experience with Kantha Gardner.  I want to be very clear with you that I am very hostile towards real estate agents.   I personally rank them slightly above "Demons from Hell" and slightly below“Slimy used car sales men”.  I am telling you this so you have a clear idea of the bias that Kantha has to deal with when working with me and my wife.   My wife, on the other hand is much more open and forgiving then I am. 

We met Kantha over a year ago, when our agent, who we had been working with for 2 over years arranged for us to visit a house that your agency was listing.  Our agent and the listing agent were not able to show the house, so arrangements were made for Kantha to show us the house.  One of the first things that struck us about Kantha was her ability to intuitively key in to our concerns and share clear and insightful observations about this listings strength and weaknesses.  

We were already working with an agent and Kantha was well aware of this, so it struck us how straight forward and helpful her observations were.   She was personable, helpful and available.  She was able to be herself.   She was not pushy nor did she try and convenience us that something which did not suite our needs would be a good choice.  She pointed out the positives and negatives of the house as they applied towards the home we wanted to create.  Her honesty and insight was recognized by both of us,  I after all I had been looking for a house for over 4 years and Daniela was a good judge of character.

After our interaction with Kantha, we figured out that she was a better choice for us to work with due to the clarity she had about our needs in just that one hour.   We choose to work with her and it turned out to be the best house buying decision that I have made in the last 3 years.  In a mere 4 months, and over 25 visits to houses, Kantha located the kind of house that fit our needs. 

More importantly this house was a foreclosure and Kantha rearranged her schedule in such a way that we were able to visit the house on the very first day it was listed.   This commitment on her part was one of the many positive qualities that she exhibited in working with us.   Our previous agent was not able to make that commitment and we missed opportunities over the course of our years in working with her.  Kantha on the other hand was able to arrange conditions so that we were able to bid on this house and make our purchase.   After three years of looking and studying the market I can honestly say that there was only one other house that I would have like to purchase more than this one and I suspect that if Kantha had been our agent at that time we likely would have made that purchase. 

Looking back it's amazing that someone with my hostility towards real estate agents was able to find someone with the skills, knowledge and sincerity that Kantha exhibited.   I would boldly suggest that if you don't realize it you after reading this letter as far as you have that your agency is extremely lucky to have Kantha working for you.  She reflects positively on your company. 

Her dedication and commitment to work above and beyond what most other agents are willing to do and whom I have worked with over my life is clearly apparent.   I have radar for agents trying to make a sale, it must be that used car scent that wafts around them.  I have never gotten the impression that Kantha is motivated by anything but enjoyment for the process and she does look out for our interests.  I do not feel she needs to make a sale to meet a quota, to hit a performance goal, needs the commission to meet her personal financial needs or has any other hidden agenda.  Kantha seems to genuinely like helping people buy and sale homes.   This translates into building a relationship of trust and confidence in a difficult "trust" situation.

What is even stranger, if you know me is that I have taken the time to positively and actively recommended Kantha to at least 5 of my friends who are either purchasing or selling homes.  I hope that some of those connections work out for her.  I can assure you that no matter where Kantha goes or who she works for I will direct people I know need real estate assistance to come to her.  I feel she has earned those recommendations and I hope that you truly understand the high quality service that she provides to people.  

When I consider how many hours she put in on our purchase and how little she eventually made I am amazed at her work ethic.  If you are not able to give her the monetary rewards that she deserves I can at least hope that you can recognize and support her professional dedication and her efforts.   Every person that I have recommend Kantha to has made the same observations, the only person who didn't use Kantha was someone who went with an agent who could negotiate their commission but even they liked Kantha and it was a cost decision. 

Six months later, I cannot believe how fantastic Kantha is and how rapidly we found the house we purchased when working with her.

Thank you for having an agent of her caliber and temperament working for your agency.



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